The RateItAll API


Here are four important reasons to try the RateItAll Consumer Rating API:



RateItAll exposes much of its functionality and content via a series of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). RateItAll offers both REST APIs with output in JSON / XML, as well as SOAP APIs. Users of these APIs are able to read/write to/from the RateItAll database in a variety of ways including:


Available Services


Attribution Requirements

Every page on your site that displays RateItAll content must provide full attribution. Click through to learn about our requirements for Attribution.


Who is using the API?

Here is a list of projects using the RateItAll API.


Need Access?

To register for an API key and get starting building apps with our API:

     Step 1: Register for a free account at

     Step 2: Please fill out this form.



The API has a Sandbox version that we recommend you do your development and testing against. To run queries against the sandbox system, just replace the "V1" with "sandbox" in the Url. The Sandbox data will be cleaned up periodically.


Documentation: API



Reviewer – Registered user

Rating – Value: 1-5 

Review – Text associated with a rating

Comment – Response or reply to a review

Item – Something that can be rated (e.g. person, place, thing, Corona, etc.)

Topic – A grouping of items (e.g. Mexican Beer)

Subject – A collection of topics (e.g. Drinks)